We are living in tough times. The whole country, as well as the entire world, is under the spell of the Coronavirus. Coperto Restobar was also forced to close its doors. Difficult decisions are made, all of which are in the interest of our guest’ and our own health and safety. It is also a special time! The planning for blog 19 featured the life of our chef Remco Jansen alongside all his work at Coperto Restobar and Grand Hotel ter Borch. “Besides chef de cuisine, I am also a partner of a beautiful and sweet woman and the father of two children,” says Remco. The central question in this blog is therefore: how does the life of our ‘dad chef’ look like.


“At home, I’m not a chef,” Remco begins his story. “Maybe when I prepare dinner, because I notice that I’m really trying to do something extra these days. I’m not going crazy, but it must be well prepared.” A normal meal, but with a plus. “The blood flows where it can’t go, right.” Remco thinks it is a separate sensation to suddenly no longer be allowed to “play a restaurant”. “There is certainly still some work to do, but of course there is no cooking anymore and with what there is to do, we can’t fill a full-time work week,” says Remco. From the moment the doors of Coperto closed, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. For everyone. With a predominant feeling of powerlessness! Fortunately, our entire team is still healthy and so are my loved ones. We try to make the best of the limitations that now exist,” says the chef.
Life is really different than usual at the moment. And not only for Remco but of course for many people with him. “My family is very important to me,” the chef continues. Pride radiates when he tells about his family. “I love working and cooking is a passion, but I know better than anyone that balance in this profession is also important. So I like to make as much time as possible for my family.”


There are many opinions and prejudices about working in the hospitality and combining that with having a family. Especially if you put a lot of energy in both. “What I have noticed in recent years is that you mainly have to draw up your own plan there. There are facts and fables. It is often a battle between ambition, passion, need and obligations,” the chef explains. “Of course it happens sometimes that I can’t go to a party or have to shuffle and consult about holidays. And yes, I sometimes work during the holidays, but if you arrange it well and make good agreements with your employer and your family, a lot is possible. For example, I can take my children to school every day and take my time with them.” An additional advantage is that Remco never drives to work during rush hour. “I can make quite a bit of time for my family during the week and have had almost always had a day off during the weekend. Preferably Sunday, a wonderful day to be at home. ” Public holidays are distributed evenly within the team. “I work for a great organization with good agreements and that is very important and pleasant.”


“My partner and I are blessed with two lovely children. Dillen is five and he is a very tough and stubborn, but above all, sweet and caring boy. Our little Fleur is a curious and cute girl; she has just come to see this world. And she is getting quite stubborn too,” says Remco with a smile. She is starting to become just as headstrong as her big brother. I really have no idea where they got these character traits from!” Remco says with a wink. “Quite confrontational,” he continues. “Perhaps very cliché, but it is so wonderful to see how Fleur takes her first steps, speaks words, is curious and wants to do things herself.”
According to Remco, his oldest is a real explorer who is fully in his development. “He is interested in many things and is full of ambitions, if possible at that age, and has a wonderful imagination. In any case, what he shows me is that his Dad is not only proud of Dillen, but Dillen is also proud of his Dad. “He is proud to tell everybody that Dad is a chef and Dad won a Bib Gourmand from Michelin, so he can cook very well. “At first he also wanted to work for me in the restaurant, but in the meantime his ambitioun changed to become a chef in another restaurant, of course one with a Michelin star. “Of course I just let him be so one day he will make his own choices. Of course I would like him to become a chef but it is not necessary. He’s only five.” Remco enjoys being at home a lot and sees that as a positive side of the bizarre situation we are currently in.


“It is wonderful to see that Dillen is very interested in nature and how food grows and is made,” says Remco. “That makes it extra fun to go to the farm with him or to collect eggs from the chickens.” Remco’s son also likes to be in the vegetable garden, where he is fascinated about how certain things grow. “I like to show him how crops such as corn, potatoes, grain and other vegetables grow. You should have seen his face when we took a look at a Brussels sprout. He was totally impressed.” Brussels sprouts grow on a kind of trunk and there are a lot of them. Many people often don’t know that. “I notice that he loves to go out with me and I enjoy it too.”

Recently the family went to the coast where a world opened up to the young Dillen. “It is really enjoyable to go to the coast with my family for a weekend and to take a look with him at the fishing boats, the oyster beds, mussels and everything around it.” In any case, I think (also because of my passion) he already knows a lot about food and everything around it! And can’t wait to take Fleur with us.”


Together with my family, I regularly make something nice in the kitchen. Baking cookies and cakes or making croquettes is super fun with my kids! ” In this way, Remco teaches his son where food comes from and how it is made. “We think this is important and he clearly enjoys it,” explains the head chef of Coperto Restobar.
Dillen’s favorite food is red cabbage, potatoes and schnitzel. When we prepare that, he takes two big scoops. “My partner and I regularly cook food at home. She also knows her way around the kitchen and together we always provide a good and nutritious meal.” Varied food is important to the Jansen couple, but after dinner the custard and yogurt also come on the table for dessert, a Dutch tradition. “I notice that people sometimes think that I also prepare a full dinner at home with Crème brûlée for dessert, but that is exaggerated of course. We eat well at home but nothing over the top,” Remco explains with a smile. “Of course I sometimes go above and beyond and we do something extra, but that is not something we want to teach our children as something that should be the norm.”


“I think our whole family likes good food. As said, the provenance is extremely important. ” Anyone who has read Remco’s blogs knows that he thinks it is important that food is handled responsibly. As little waste as possible is part of that. “My partner lives a bit healthier than I do, I must confess. She ensures that the children get their vitamins and fibres. Of course I remain a foodie so we eat something less healthy or sweet occasionally, for the kids but also a bit for myself, ”Remco says with a laugh. “At least I don’t hear the kids complain about that,” he continues. There is certainly a shared passion for good and tasty food at the chef’s home.


Due to the uncertain times we are living in, Remco does not yet know when he can cook again in Coperto Restobar. It is a matter of waiting and biting through. It is difficult for the children to understand what is going on. We try to explain things but it remains difficult. Fleur has no idea, but Dillen is noticeably bothered that things are different now than he is used to. In the meantime, I am mainly a dad, a part-time teacher, a playing friend, a source of information and a broad shoulder. And we try to make the best of it! It is a time we won’t forget easily. Let’s hope that we get through this period together and that there will soon be light again at the end of the tunnel. Stay healthy!


Would you like to experience which dishes Remco Jansen and his brigade prepare? Unfortunately, that is currently not possible, but follow our Facebook page and stay up to date. On that page the chef will regularly post recipes that you can prepare at home. And we hope to see you again in Zwolle.