Blog 17: Bib Gourmand
a huge appreciation for Coperto ​

Chef de Cuisine Remco Jansen was extremely happy when he was told that Coperto Restobar was awarded a Bib Gourmand on Thursday November 7. “It is a huge appreciation and certainly a reward for all of us.” “We do where we are good at and like to do, it has never been a goal on itself to achieve the Bib Gourmand,” Remco explains. “This makes it even more special to be awarded this way!”


Around nine o’clock in the morning, a press release announced which (new) restaurants would receive the Michelin recognition, Bib Gourmand, for the year 2020. “I was extremely happy, because Coperto Restobar was on the Bib list,” says Remco with a smile from ear to ear. “It has been a wish from the start, but not a goal on itself. For me it is important to prepare wonderful, delicious and nicely balanced dishes, and let our guests enjoy our creations. Without a certain pressure, me and my team like it to do pleasant work,” Remco continues


Bib Gourmand mainly stands for an excellent kitchen with a good price / quality ratio. Since 1955, Michelin has already expressed appreciation for restaurants that serve good food at acceptable prices. In the meantime, for 12 years, this has been labelled as Bib Gourmand. Restaurants that offer a three course menu with a minimum selection of two dishes per course under the amount of 39 euros, fall within the Bib Gourmand requirements. “Coperto meets those requirements and offers a three course dinner for 37 euros where the guest has a choice of 16 cold, hot and sweet dishes.”


Connecting with various organizations, such as Michelin, is very important to remain visible as a chef and restaurant. There are many good restaurants nowadays and it is good to communicate with these organizations regularly to give them an update. These updates could lead to a visit from an inspector. To be eligible for a Michelin award, it is important to be on their radar. “In the past I worked for companies where we had a Bib, star or were mentioned in the Michelin guide, so there is a file from me as a chef,” Remco explains. “I don’t know who this inspector is and when the visit is planned,” said Remco. “When the inspector visits us unexpectedly, he will only indicate that he is working for Michelin at the end of his dinner. “The inspector takes notes about the restaurant and takes a look at the kitchen. “When the inspector came by, I was not there myself, but my sous-chef picked it up fantastically.

My team members already had a suspicion during the dinner. Who comes to dine with an iPad and also likes to see the kitchen?”, says Remco with a laugh. “Afterwards, the inspector announced that he was very enthusiastic and told that he had dined well and had experienced the concept as surprising.” Then the long wait begins, as this visit took place in June 2019.


The latest Bib Gourmand guide was published on November 22. “Not unimportant,” says Remco. “We do have the Bib, but it is always very interesting what the inspector wrote about us. After all, that is why we received this rating.” This text in the Michelin inspector’s guide reads as follows:

“It’s very difficult to choose. Chic and hip!

Marble tables. Luxury cockpit seats, lots of glass. What a chic place this is! The concept is just as hip as the location. You can choose from a super collection of modern dishes. Choosing here is extremely difficult. The fine combination of textures, worldly influences and local delicacies is great. And how nice is the soft-priced wine list!”


“Obviously, achieving a Bib is well celebrated and we have received many congratulations.” During the morning meeting, a glass of bubbles was opened. And the phone kept ringing. “Success has to be celebrated, and all congratulations do us good. It is a team performance for Coperto and the Hotel.  We are proud of our partners, because we have achieved it together!” Now, that Coperto Restobar has been awarded a Bib Gourmand for the year 2020, it can possibly entail extra pressure. Remco would rather see it as a challenge. “We are just going to do what we always do, that’s how we continue. We are certainly not going to do any differently,” says Remco.


Remco would like to involve the guests in the festivities. “Achieving the Bib Gourmand will also be celebrated with our guests. Because our guests are the most important and the reason why we do what we do! How we are going to shape this remains a secret for a while longer, but there is certainly something beautiful planned for 2020. ”


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