Blog 12: Wine and Food​

Are you curious about the kitchen secrets of Chef de Cuisine Remco Jansen from Coperto Restobar in Zwolle? If so, this blog is for you. He enjoys sharing his best recipes, cooking tips and culinary trends. In this edition, he and his colleague, Peter Hoiting, delve deeper into selecting and serving the best wines.

Great dishes with a nice glass of wine are always a winning combination.
 A glass of wine completes a dish and can really bring out the flavours. Choosing the right drink might seem easy, but appearances can be deceiving. “We take our wine list extremely seriously at Coperto and we’re constantly working on optimising our menu,” Peter from Coperto Restobar explains. Together with Remco, he’s responsible for compiling Coperto’s selection and he has a wealth of information about wines. This enables him to choose the perfect wine for every dish. “Wine/food combinations can be made based on the dishes chosen by the guest. Coperto’s employees are extremely knowledgeable about wines, which enables them to serve the perfect one.”


“The wine list consists of over 40 wines, including big names such as Barolo, Meursault, Chablis and Burgundy, as well as a Dutch wine from the Apostlehoeve winery in Limburg,” Peter explains. Careful readers will notice that the menu only includes European wines. “A specific choice was made for European products. Why source something from far away when you can get something just as good or even better from nearby?” A conscious choice was also made for certain locations. “The origin varies from Valencia to Rheingau in Germany, where the Riesling is made by the Weingut Prinz von Hessen winery.”


How is the wine assortment compiled? Of course, the type of grape, the strength of the wine, the flavour and colour must all be taken into account, but Coperto Restobar takes things one step further. “The wines on our menu have a fixed mark-up, because transparency is important nowadays since everyone can look it up online. We want to serve our guests fantastic wines at a fair price,” Peter continues. But of course it’s not just the price that’s important, the way the wine is made is also key. From wood aging, the number of hours of sunshine and the method of pressing, everything is important.


The wine producer is certainly just as important. Small wineries also really add something to the menu. “A great example is the Apostelhoeve winery in Maastricht. A small winery on the Louwberg, which is one of the top Dutch wine suppliers. Most products have a nice story, which gives the wine something extra.” Finally, it’s very important to Chef de Cuisine Remco Jansen’s brigade that guests have a great experience. A glass of wine with a story is certainly part of this.


Selecting the right wines is one thing but serving them is another. While a beer should be cool, wine also has a perfect serving temperature. “The wines are stored in a special climate cabinet, which is set at 8 to 10 degrees for white wine and between 16 and 18 degrees for red wine. Of course, all bottles are stored on their sides in order to preserve the quality.”


It’s easy to go on and on about wine, but in the end it’s best to actually drink it. “My personal favourite?” smiles Peter, “in the summer, out on the terrace in the sun, with a glass of Verdejo, Rueda from the Beronia winery. A nice acidity with a fresh, smooth mouthfeel makes this a great wine to enjoy on a sunny terrace. Or a glass of champagne from Ruinart, the very first champagne house, for a sparkling start to every dinner.” Peter also has a favourite for when the weather turns cold: “A bottle of Barbaresco is fantastic in the winter: dark red fruit, soft tannins, a long finish and wood aging of 1.5 years make this product really special.”

Do you fancy a delicious dinner with a glass of wine to go with it? Coperto Restobar in Zwolle welcomes you and looks forward to ensuring your culinary enjoyment.