Blog 10: Veggi, vidi, vici: the unstoppable rise of vegetarian food

Thinking about what you eat is a real trend nowadays. Going vegan or vegetarian has become increasingly popular, but the lactose-free or gluten-free lifestyle is also on the rise. So how does Coperto Restobar respond to the demand for vegetarian or vegan dishes? Chef de cuisine Remco Jansen discusses this in his latest blogpost.


A growing number of people are turning to plant-based eating, or have chosen to reduce their intake of meat. In addition to this, there are people whose immune system reacts to gluten because of a gluten allergy or intolerance. The same applies to lactose. The latter especially can be quite a nuisance as lactose is a common ingredient in many products. The demand for vegetarian, lactose or gluten-free products is also reflected on supermarket shelves. Nowadays soy-based and lactose-free products are a common sight, compared with a few years ago.


“We regularly welcome guests in our restaurant who request lactose-free products or gluten-free bread. I spent a lot of time as a chef learning how we can adapt the dishes we serve in our restaurant, to offer vegetarian and vegan options. I want guests to always be able to enquire about alternatives, so they know they don’t have to worry about lactose or gluten when eating at Coperto.”


“We definitely think about vegetarians when it comes to our menu. We always have two vegetarian starters and mains. And we can easily tweak the vegetarian dishes on our menu to serve a vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free option.”

“We have noticed that many of our guests really enjoy the taste of the vegetarian dishes we serve. And people are also going for the vegetarian option more often. Our vegetarian lasagne was a real hit with our regular guests, for example, and our pumpkin will remain on the menu. It has even become one of our signature dishes. To be fair, I’d also choose a vegetarian dish if they offered me this, even though I’m definitely a carnivore.”


In the past year, we’ve welcomed a lot of bloggers and vloggers. Many of them are vegetarians or vegans. And they all gave Coperto a good review. One person wrote that eating at Coperto was a fantastic experience as a vegan. “I think that’s where my strength lies when people visit: I always manage to make it a festive experience, regardless of any exceptions or principles.”


“I get my inspiration from all over the place. I keep up with the latest trends and read culinary magazines. And if I see a meat or fish recipe, I always think about how we can give the dish a vegetarian twist. I always try to find a good main ingredient and devise endless variations. All our products are fresh and I mainly source from the local and organic businesses I work with. I regularly visit them to see what they’re selling. Currently it’s a lot of butternut squash and root vegetables. When they give me Jerusalem artichokes, I think about how I can use them. I make sure I’m always innovative, that I serve my guests something new every time they visit, based on my own knowledge, partnerships with local businesses and the latest trends.

Are you curious to sample our vegetarian or vegan dishes? Do you want to enjoy a tasty lactose or gluten-free meal? Then book your table at Coperto Restobar now.