Blog 9: A healthy start of the new year

The Coperto Restobar loves to share its culinary secrets with readers, with everything from cooking tips, seasonal recipes, culinary trends to backgrounders. As the new year begins, we look back on the past year, but mainly to the future! We discuss the future of Coperto, resolutions (or the lack thereof), and how to maintain healthy eating habits. Chef de cuisine Remco Jansen is happy to have the opportunity to discuss all of the above in this blog.


Coperto Restrobar had a successful 2018. It was the year in which an entirely new concept was developed and in which the restaurant in Zwolle achieved a spot in the top 10 of the best restaurants in Zwolle according to TripAdvisor and Iens. We also received a good review on culinary blog TopSpots by Jan Bartelsman and the renowned Misset Horeca. A nice boost, but in the end everything revolves around satisfied guests who choose to visit us again. The chef wants to keep the positive reviews coming and have more and more people visit Coperto in the new year by focussing more on lunch. “There isn’t a big lunch culture in Zwolle. People may consider a high tea or a nice sandwich, but not a warm lunch. It is our mission to introduce Zwolle to other lunch options. Not necessarily always with a glass of wine, but with tasty and especially delicious dishes.”


“I dislike resolutions. How often do people actually stick with them? A resolution must be incorporated into your daily eating habits, which starts by recognising them. While people mainly focussed on eating (a lot of) tasty food in December, January revolves around awareness. Find out what and especially how you eat something. You can, for example, immerse risotto in fat cream, but I make it using a light broth. Add some quark or (whipped) cream and it will be a lot lighter and less fat.”


“The superfood trend is over. People are now looking for the right balance through variation and occasional sins. Balance is key in 2019. A lot of households often return to the same type of dishes throughout the week in which potatoes or pasta – carbs – play a prominent role. This is not bad, but give vegetables a bit more space in these dishes and change the ratio between pasta and vegetables. Pasta, for example, is delicious with fennel or parsnip and mushrooms. Supermarkets address this trend by expanding their range of vegetables. No more excuses! And falling from the wagon from time to time is okay.”

The favourite meal of the chef in 2019? “Warm couscous salad with roasted bell pepper, white cheese, raw cucumber and a chopped onion. I use these ingredients to make a lukewarm salad using chicken broth and finish it with a nice piece of fish. It is a fast dish and the perfect combination of healthy and delicious!”


2019 is shaping up to be a good year for Coperto Restobar. The goal is to bring the strengths of Coperto to the foreground together with the team. “Taste is paramount, followed by the presentation of the dishes and the overall experience. The products comes from the soil of Zwolle and we visit our suppliers once per week. We do everything to ensure that the best products end up in our kitchen to ensure we ultimately serve the best dishes to our customers.”

Will you bring a visit to Coperto in 2019?