Blog 6: Tasty flowers: a plate bursting with colour

Cooking tips, seasonal recipes, culinary trends and background information: Coperto Restobar is always happy to share its culinary secrets with you. Although autumn already sweeps through the country, it’s time to smell the flowers. Because flowers don’t just look good on your plate, you can also eat them. So which flowers are edible and which flower pairs nicely with which dish? Chef Remco Jansen tells us all about in this blogpost.


Most people are astonished at the number of edible flowers and leaves you can find in the Netherlands. There are over a hundred different flowers that can add texture and flavour to your dish. In recent years, Chef Remco Jansen embarked on a quest to discover which edible flowers he could use in his kitchen. And every year, new flowers find their way onto Coperto’s menu.


One of Remco’s favourite flowers is the magnola, a stunning flower that is not readily associated with food. For many people, magnolia is the sign that spring has sprung again. Once a year, this tree sheds its leaves. Thanks to the gingery flavour of the leaves and the anise fragrance of the flower, the magnolia is a perfect ingredient for sweets. One of the sweets you should definitely sample when you visit Pillows Grand Hotel Ter Borch.

But there are plenty of other edible flowers that embellish a dish. Take violets and carnations. These colourful flowers are often used to garnish dishes but the chef thinks they lack taste. “I only like to use flowers that add something to my dish”. In that sense, Remco doesn’t believe in the adage that appearances also count.


In the first issue of Pillows Magazine, the chef shared the recipe for one of his most successful dishes: marinated pineapple with chilli and Jamaican rum, yoghurt, toasted amaranth and signet marigolds. The signet marigolds have a spicy fragrance and pair beautifully with the pineapple, the fresh yoghurt and the cinnamon ice-cream. A dessert that is sure to make your taste buds tingle. Want to prepare this delicious dessert yourself? The various steps for preparing this recipe are explained in Pillows Magazine No. 1. We know you’ll love it!


Are you ready to score your own edible flowers? The chef has some tips for flower lovers. “Always source your flowers from an organic farm. Many of the products that used to stimulate the growth of plants are not suitable for human consumption”, according to the chef. Were you thinking of popping into the florist’s and buying some flowers to munch on? Not a great idea. Taste flowers to find out which ones you like. “It’s all about having a sense of taste.”