Blog 5: Healthy and responsible eating in 2018

Cooking tips, seasonal recipes, culinary trends and background information: Coperto Restobar is always happy to share its culinary secrets with you. Whereas our chef Remco Jansen discussed the culinary summer trends of 2018 in his most recent blogpost, he has chosen to discuss the latest developments in terms of healthy and responsible eating this time around.


Healthy and responsible eating Whereas some people carefully scan the labels of every food product they buy, others find it a challenge to eat the recommended two servings of fruit per day. And yet more and more people seem to understand how important healthy eating is. We tend to look at the products we feed our body more critically, checking whether they contain sugar or salt for example.


And every day our quest for the ultimate healthy lifestyle is made easier. The range of healthy products, including different types of veg, fruit and plant-based products, has increased substantially in recent years for example. As a result, consumers and restaurants now substitute unhealthy products such as sweets and potato crisps as well as (large amounts of) rice and pasta with plant-based alternatives. Oven-baked, fried, cooked or steamed: the possibilities are endless.

But there are plenty of other edible flowers that embellish a dish. Take violets and carnations. These colourful flowers are often used to garnish dishes but the chef thinks they lack taste. “I only like to use flowers that add something to my dish”. In that sense, Remco doesn’t believe in the adage that appearances also count.


In the summer months, our guests prefer meals that are “easy to digest” as well as simple, pure flavours that don’t need dressing up. Fortunately this is exactly how we like to cook. At Coperto, we believe in putting the product in the spotlight, preserving its flavour and nutritional value. Our menu includes various delicious, healthy dishes. We highly recommend the fresh quinoa salad with pulled turkey and apple sauce.


I’d like to end this blog with a tip that may seem obvious but that bears repeating: always strive to maintain a healthy balance between healthy and sometimes less healthy (but tasty!) food. This will make it easier to keep up a healthy lifestyle while allowing yourself to dip into those less healthy foods now and then. Like our tasty – and classic – cheesecake with marinated pineapple and Bastogne biscuits, for example. And finally, there’s always room for dessert after a light, healthy main, right?

See you soon at our Coperto Restobar.