Blog 3: Asparagus - The food of the gods

From cooking tips to seasonal recipes and from gastronomic trends to background information: Coperto Restobar is always happy to share its culinary secrets. In this blog our chef de cuisine Remco Jansen speaks about why he thinks it is so important for chefs to use regional products. After all, why source your goods from far away if so many edible treasures can be found a mere stone’s throw away? Did this whet your appetite for more?

Remco: “The most delicious vegetables, herbs and flowers can be sourced from closer by than ever, particularly in the lovely spring and summer months. The soil, the land: they are the foundation of everything. I collaborate closely with suppliers from Zwolle region who ensure that Coperto Restobar is always provided with the freshest and best-tasting products. Particularly in this time of year, when fruit and vegetables harvests are in full swing.”

Tuin Salland

“In my search for the perfect regional suppliers for Coperto Restobar my eye was instantly drawn to Tuin Salland (the Salland Garden), an organic farm with acres of arable farmland. We soon entered into a partnership, in which we sit down to draw up a cultivation plan together each year to decide which crops will be planted. When the Chinese chives, the first herb I had ever grown, were harvested I felt a surge of pride going through me. It’s simply wonderful when you can tell your guests that you grew a product yourself.”

The De Huppe farm

“We also work with De Huppe, a farm that is also a therapeutic care centre. They fully satisfy the demands I impose as a chef. We serve their farmer’s cheese as part of our served breakfast, for example. The farm also has a vegetable plot where visitors can pick their own vegetables, and which is expanded with a garden of edible flowers in summer. Being a fervent lover of herbs and flowers you will find me here quite often, picking my own herbs and flowers to give my dishes a stylish finishing touch.”

With your hands in the soil

“I genuinely love the entire process from the farm to the fork. Having regional projects to cook with is of inestimable value in my kitchen. I am looking forward to harvesting the products I have grown together with the entire team of Coperto Restobar, so that everyone will be able to experience the process from even closer by. This will give us a chance to leave the hustle and bustle of the kitchen behind us and take the time to transform this treasure trove of beautiful products into edible works of art. After all, this is where everything comes together.”